Writer and Director AJ McFlurry brings to the screen a new romantic comedy, set in a small town in New Hampshire. SAM (Samantha Bean) has seen her share of failed relationships. In her small, New England town, it seems the young men cannot see further than their sports-and-beer-infused weekends at the local (and only) hot-spot in town, Kelly’s (Sports Bar & Grill). It would seems the pickins are slim and there is little to no hope for true love.

One Saturday night at Kelly’s, SAM’s current beau, DICKY MASTERSON, prepares an elaborate proposal routine, complete with jukebox and dancing football players. DICKY’s surprise sends her running home in tears. After an emotional night, Sam turns up for work at THE WAFFLE HOUSE, where a heart to heart with her best friend JODI results in Sam deciding that marrying DICKY is her best option…

Until…   a handsome newcomer-to-town shows up for breakfast at THE WAFFLE HOUSE. Soon the entire female population of DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE is vying for the affections of this man – with the effort led by SAM’s best friend JODI. Will SAM stick to her guns? Who will be the lucky girl, and who will marry whom in LOVE AND WAFFLES?